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Customer Support Portal

Customer portals are software interfaces that provide customers complete visibility with regards to their interactions with your company. They'll track key metrics, support requests, or other information like buying patterns, stored data, reference documents, etc. which can be easily shared. It helps to strengthen the customer relationship and provides a transparent, secure, and open forum for collaboration.

1. What is a customer support portal?

A customer support portal maybe a website designed to grant current customers access to services and data they have. It is usually private and secure, requiring log-in. It is going to contain account information, payment information, case information, account history, downloadable digital files, access to support mechanisms of the users, and therefore the means for purchasers to upload information. Essentially, a customer portal may be a digital sharing mechanism and data center within an organization or between an organization and its customers.

2. Why are Customer Support Portals important for Customer Service?

Customer portals play a significant role in customer service as customers today expect a particular amount of self-serve capability. They're increasingly tech-savvy and capable of conducting information searches on their own. Their expectation of customer service normally is incredibly high. Any barrier to getting answers to their problems or issues ends up in a reduced CSAT (customer satisfaction) score.

When a survey of 1,900 customer service leaders was conducted by Salesforce, they found that high-performing service teams are those who consistently keep up with adjusting customer expectations. These are the teams that “acknowledge the urgency” of solving customer problems and are consistent with it, 90 percent of consumers expect a web portal for customer service.

3. Why Mobile Customer Portals Are Important?

Due to digitalization, most people today haven't known a world without cell phones. Their expectations are high as they expect to achieve identical tasks on a mobile device that they may on a desktop or laptop /personal computer. For all customers today, the flexibility to self-serve and therefore the ability to access data from a mobile device go hand in hand. This in turn means that customer portals must be designed to be responsive and mobile optimized.

4. What are the Benefits of having Customer Service Portals?

Improved customer satisfaction

Customer support portals provide an exquisite self-service and support experience by providing complete 24/7 access to relevant, up-to-date information. It includes everything customers need in one place. Thus, having the ability to search out answers on their own, sometimes personally convenient for them. This makes it easy for consumers to go looking for the data they're seeking. This greatly improves customer satisfaction.

Increased customer engagement

Customer engagement can be pushed further by creating a community forum for it. Within the forum, customers can share information with one another. For instance; discuss solutions, possible troubleshooting steps, also, their feedbacks, ideas, and suggestions. Customer portals provide a greater sense of involvement, increased engagement, and empowerment.

Reduced support agent workload

Customer self-service portals help to cut back the agents workload. Since customers can easily research the status of their own tickets, agents don’t need to spend time answering questions like “What’s the status of my request?”. They'll focus their efforts on addressing more complicated queries rather than handling minor, repetitive issues.

Reduced support volumes

By having a well-designed, easy to navigate customer portal with a solid knowledge domain, FAQ section, and a well-connected community forum, businesses can reduce the number of incoming customer support requests. Because customers are going to be able to find the answers to their questions and resolve a minimum of simple issues by themselves.

Lowered customer support costs

Implementing a customer portal requires a specific investment but actually pays for itself in the future as it helps to lower customer support costs for the business. This way, customers are involved with a corporation even  after its working hours have ended. Thus, there's no need to allocate additional resources to increase working hours or hire more support employees.

5. What are the basic elements for a Customer Self-Service Portal?

A. Knowledge base

It may be a collection of content containing all the relevant information about a few company’s products/services. It's usually organized into an easily searchable series of articles. These could include getting started guides, how-to articles, troubleshooting tips, and other helpful/valuable information. Most portals will have an explore bar at the top for straightforward navigation across the content.


An FAQ may be a list of commonly asked questions about a company’s products, services, and policies.It's a piece where you address the foremost common concerns, questions, and objections that customers may need. FAQs may include links to relevant articles within the knowledge domain, blog posts, or video tutorials.

C. Video Tutorials

69% of users prefer watching videos of product or service. Thus, making video tutorials may be a valuable part of a business’s self-service offering. Consumers usually find video tutorials easier to understand, quicker to consume, and more engaging. Hence, creating comprehensive, video-based self-service content can greatly help improve customer experience.

D. Community Forums

User forums or community forums play a significant role when it comes to the elements of a consumer support portal which is increasingly expected by consumers. They permit customers to interact/help one another, ask and answer each others questions, share data/insights, etc. While monitoring such conversations service agents can step in when they feel like it is necessary and offer timely assistance to the customers.

E. Feedback and Suggestions

This feature allows gathering customer feedback and encourages customers to send their suggestions for any further product/service improvements. Moreover, even vote for existing suggestions to further track the progress of their implementation. Customers’ ideas are often discussed on a feedback forum providing businesses with valuable customer insights.

F. Ticket Submission

If all else fails to work out, customers should still be able to reach out to the company by submitting a support request. this permits a smooth transaction between trying to find help themselves and contacting an organizations representative. Thereupon, customers can manage their expectations by viewing the status of their tickets at any time.

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