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Chatbots In News And Media

1. What is Chatbots in news and media?

News is being generated around us constantly. We all like to be informed about the current affairs, day in and out, but often times it is extremely difficult to be updated as we are unable to go through multiple sites in order to get information about events from around the globe. Hence, chatbots are introduced into the mix. They are effective, in the sense that a person could just go on one platform and get informed about everything that is happening around the world. It makes it easier and more convenient for users to access a news platform and get the exact knowledge they want, rather than searching for a long time and not getting anything fruitful out of it.  

2. News made personal with Chatbots.  

With chatbots coming into news and media, you can get your daily dose of information in a more personalized manner. Top media organizations like CNN and Fox News have already launched their News Chatbot on platforms like Facebook, KIK, as well as on voice recognition devices like Alexa and google home.

Facebook has shown new capabilities for businesses and publishers on Messenger, allowing users to have a conversation with CNN in order to get breaking news and customized stories. Due to this, people can now have a conversation with companies and share news on social media as they would have in person with their colleagues or friends. CNN has started using chatbots for Facebook to interact with users constantly. If a person wants to get information directly from Messenger, they simply have to go and subscribe to CNN on Messenger, which would then send them notifications about the news that interests them. When they subscribe, it will ask them questions regarding their news preferences. For example - sports, politics, entertainment, etc. Upon picking their interests, all news that they receive from CNN would now be personalized according to their preference. Meaning, the news is getting delivered to them in a personalized manner. This form of personalization attracts customer’s attention and helps in keeping them engaged.

CNN has experimented with their chatbot on other platforms as well, just to see how people would react to it. Out of these, LINE has gotten the best response and is a platform where international news is being shared at all times. Using voice recognition enabled devices such as Alexa, allows users to ask open-ended questions about the world and it would be answered without a problem. All these platforms have been considered successful in terms of customer satisfaction and customer engagement.

Along with CNN, Fox News has also been working on building its brand around chatbots. They have recently launched a Messenger bot. The only difference is that we cannot get any messages to the news channel, all we can do is pick what we want to see. One can subscribe to the bot and receive news according to their personalized preferences.  

3. How to arrange Facebook Messenger chatbots for news?

As news takes over social media platforms, like Messenger (Facebook). It has become important to make an account on the platform and subscribe to chatbots for news updates. Hence, news channels need to know how to set up a chatbot account.  


Here is how you can set up a Facebook chatbot account:  

Firstly, head to Engati where you will be directed to signing up on their platform and creating a chatbot that is later integrated with your Facebook page.


Detailed explanation:  

Make your chatbot on Engati’s chatbot platform, here you can customize your bot according to your organization’s preferences. Choosing one of the overlay options will allow you to pick the color, text, position, display condition, and its overall appearance.  

Example: Hi! Would you like to receive notifications for news that is similar to the news you prefer reading every morning? (Yes/No option)  

The important thing about setting up a news bot is that you are going to need subscribers. Create the bot in such a way that it knows when your page has to be been shown in the search results. For example - When someone searches for news, your website should pop up!

Now, to launch your bot on Messenger, you must go on to access deploy workflow and look for Facebook Messenger. Before you can deploy the bot, make sure you have a Facebook page that you manage, and if not, then this is the time to create one. After creating the page, go back to Engati and hit the deploy option, then click on Facebook Messenger from the series of options give to you. The sign-in page will now pop-up, put in your credentials. Once you have logged in, Facebook will ask for a series of permissions, just simply allow them. When everything is done you will see all the Facebook pages you have given permission to, select anyone from those and your bot will be live. You can take your bot for a test drive by clicking on the Button that says “Try this Chatbot”, and get a glimpse of how your Facebook Messenger bot operates.

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