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Chatbots for Banking, Finance & Insurance Services

Learn how to build chatbots for BFSI use cases

The Big Idea
BFSI sector has recently seen big improvements in services, security, and availability standards. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been at the forefront of this change. 
Smart banking chatbots now are digital assistants that engage well with the customers. They can fetch information and execute transactions in real-time. This allows regular banking transactions to be available on command of your customers. Key capabilities include:
- Lead generation 
- Product Selection and Marketing
- Promotional messages in a sales push 
- Claim & Premium Processing
Customer Interactions to be automated by 2022
of Companies identifying AI as a tool for creating ‘customer-first culture’
Natural Language Processing
integration with chatbots
Integration Hub
payment integration in chatbots
request user data
Request User Data 
script node
Script Node
file upload
File Uploads 
Retail Banking
Account Registration
Report Loss of cards
Reset Passwords
Apply for new Services
Close existing Services
Wealth Management
Mutual Fund and Equity Transactions
Monitor Portfolio
Modify Portfolio
Query for Risk Assessment
Search for Market Trends
Payments & Transfers
Transfer money
Add/modify payee
Add new user account
Realtime information based on markets
Product Notifications
Communicate Deals & Offers 
Lead Generation
Lead Qualification
Generate Quotes
Lead Generation
Submit Claims
Claim Tracking
Buy Insurance