Shane Barker on the future of digital marketing | Engati CX

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Shane Barker on the future of digital marketing | Engati CX

Shane Barker, the CEO of Shane Barker Consulting sits down with Engati to have a discussion about the Future Of Digital Marketing.

In a crash course to digital marketing, Shane Barker shares his process of crafting a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for brand building. He goes over the questions that companies need to ask themselves before building, and taking a brand to the next level.

Shane Barker- video interview

Shane then goes over the power of social media, and how essential it is for marketing during the pandemic. How can social media be used to leverage your platform during this crisis? The “social touch” as he mentions in the interview. This social touch allows companies to use social media as a channel of communication during this pandemic. Digital spaces are evolving as we speak because of this pandemic. 

As mentioned earlier, this pandemic has brought about many changes in the digital space which Shane goes over in detail. He talks about the use of Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots in particular. According to Shane, 

AI is here to improve things and [companies] should utilize it.” 

Additionally, there is huge potential for the Chatbots in marketing as well. For example, if 80% of the questions a company receives are the same, a chatbot can be used to answer such questions. While the company answers the more complicated ones. 

The interview then closes off with Shane giving us his final thoughts on how we can help each other during these trying times. The Coronavirus has impacted many lives and we understand that. We want to help. 

The future of Digital Marketing - a Spotify podcast with Shane Barker

The insights Shane has provided for us in the interview are extremely valuable. Listen to the full interview, available on Spotify now: 

Explore the future of digital marketing

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We hope you’ve gained a lot of value from this interview with Shane Barker. Stay tuned for more interviews with thought leaders from across the world. Engati CX will be back with another episode soon.

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