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Personalizing with data | Lori Schwartz | Engati CX

Aishwarya Sankhé
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Personalizing with data | Lori Schwartz | Engati CX

Curious about personalizing with data? We’ve got you covered. In this episode of Engati CX, we have a conversation with the experiential marketing executive, Lori Schwartz.

Lori H.Schwartz a true tech catalyst talks about personalising with data.

Lori​ is an experiential marketing executive. Her initiative pairs brands, storytellers and tech companies together to create experiences that foster business success. Principal, Curator of Experiences at Storytech, Lori H. Schwartz is a true tech catalyst, or ‘Tech Cat’ for short. As a leading advisor and speaker in marketing and tech innovation, Lori collaborates with top creative and strategic executives for multiple brands, tech and content companies.

Her goal is to ensure an understanding of emerging business models while designing unique experiences to create engagement. Lori has also been the Technology Contributor for CNN, and the governor for the academy of television, arts and science. 

Personalizing with Data - An Interview with Lori Schwartz

The following section summarizes our interview with Lori. But if you’d like to hear the full interview, we’ve left a link to the Spotify podcast below.

Being a ‘Tech Catalyst’, what are some key points you consider while providing consulting to your clients?

While providing consulting services to her client, the most important thing to understand is the opportunities in technology. According to Lori, technology is one of the most intimidating things to understand. So it’s our responsibility to make sure everyone understands it, so they can understand its opportunities. People have a tendency to shut down when they get intimidated by concepts. So Lori recommends explaining concepts like a story. We understand stories. It’s the way we’re wired, according to Lori. 

Make it human, and make it relatable with a story.

Even with B2Bs, people think like humans, almost as if you’re interacting with a B2C. So simplify things with a story. 

What consumer trends is we seeing outbound of the pandemic that are here to stay?

Personalization is here to stay. 

We have to remember that going forward. We need to think about how to create personalized customer experience, not a traditional demographic. And how we’re going to go about this is with data and new tech. Data gives us new inputs and segments which we can now uitlize to understand our customer’s behaviours. 

The more data we get about people, the more we can understand their needs, the better we can create experiences.

Personalizing with Data  – A Spotify podcast with Lori Schwartz

With us entering the Experience Economy, Lori shares her insights on how to bridge the gap in customer service with AI. And AI’s role in the evolution of marketing. She shares how Employee Experiences impacts CX and the Human Experience. We then discuss her initiative, StoryTech, and the importance of personalization. She predicts that this is going to be the next biggest CX trend. And speaking of trends, Lori also shares what additional trends we’re going to see- whether it’ll be IoT, RPA, Conversational AI, etc. Listen to the full interview here:

Personalization is Key

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Engati CX

We hope we’ve helped you understand the importance of personalization. Engati CX will be back with a new expert in a new episode soon. Stay tuned.

Find Lori Schwartz

We all love a good story. So for more brilliant insights, find our Tech Cat on LinkedIn, Twitter, or on her website.

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