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LeadMi is now Engati!

Engati Team
Nov 7
2-3 mins

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Automate your business at $5/day with Engati

LeadMi is now Engati!

LeadMi, the award-winning Marketing Automation tool, is now integrated with the leading Customer Experience platform, Engati.

LeadMi, now rebranded as Engati Acquire, will help Sales & Marketing teams acquire and engage customers across multiple channels. Engati Acquire makes customer acquisition easy!

Some Improvements

In this new avatar, we have added quite a few cool, new features -

3 new filters for Persona creation. You can now specify the total experience in years, experience in the current company and names of past organizations while searching for contacts.

Persona Creating
User Filter

Lead organization fliter
Organization Filter

A new ‘Relevance’ search algorithm, replacing ‘Match Score’ on Personas. Now you simply need to rank your Persona filters by priority and we will fetch you the most relevant profiles matching your criteria. We will map the match score configuration on your existing personas to ranking order automatically.

Lead generation by relevance
Engati Acquire pulls the most relevant profiles, according to your priorities

New, improved filter design and more filtering options while narrowing down your Contacts or Leads. Open the filter pane from the right and choose your filters. You can now filter for contacts having email ID, phone number or social profile.

Lead generation and filtering
New contact filtering options

Add more portal users to Engati Acquire! You can now add users with Manager and Associate roles and assign them to specific products.

Lead generation tool user roles
New User roles

Re-designed user experience while refreshing for contacts. Contacts for the personas not being refreshed will not be cleared. So continue working on your contacts during a refresh and we’ll let you know when the refresh is done. Easy isn't it?

Refresh your lead generation system
Refresh in Progress

Refresh complete on your lead generation tool
Refresh Complete

Improved left navigation panel. ‘Locked Leads’ has been renamed to ‘Contacts’ and ‘My Leads’ is now simply ‘Leads’.

navigation panel and dashboards
Navigation Panel

So, go on, take Engati Acquire out for a ride. We’re sure you’re going to love it.

Ps. Supplement your marketing efforts with great customer experience. Lead generation is one part of the puzzle, so explore the Engati Chatbot Platform to see how we can help create wonderfully smooth experiences for your customers.

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Engati Team

At the forefront for digital customer experience, Engati helps you reimagine the customer journey through engagement-first solutions, spanning automation and live chat.

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