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57 innovative chatbots for your website

Manpreet Kalsi
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57 innovative chatbots for your website

Along with the world, digital communication is also constantly changing. In fact, things are moving at a rapid pace when it comes to online marketing and new trends are formed overnight.

New marketing strategies are needed at the time that can create similar levels of interaction. One of these new solutions is the chatbot. The world now sees a variety of innovative chatbots handling a wide range of functions. Chatbots are the first point of contact for customers with their fluid conversational opportunities and can respond to questions, qualify leads and assist 24/7 customer support.

Whether you're using Facebook Messenger, your website or any other messenger/app, chatbots use cases are as flexible as your imagination, and many brands are already using very inventive chatbots. Hence, we present you to some of the most innovative chatbots in this post.

Some of our most innovative chatbots are:

1. Cinema Bot Template

This bot template is for those cinephiles out there. This template is designed for creating a bot to help users book cinema tickets. It also includes elements of offering discount promos.

2. Writers and Authors Chatbot Template

This is a chatbot template that invokes your user's love for reading. Multiple genres and book recommendations are provided to help the user decide what would be the best option for them.

3. Facebook Bot for Personal Injury

Advertise legal services on a chatbot. Target users based on details such as location, age, interests and more. Rapidly turn visitors into prospects with the help of this bot.

4. Language Learning Chatbot Template

This a chatbot template that allows the user to get connected with language experts and learn new languages according to their preference.

5. Company Formation Chatbot Template

Setting up a business requires quite an amount of paperwork and regulations to check. If you're a legal firm helping your customers form their businesses, this chatbot template is intended to help your users choose the type of company they want to form, giving your sales team enough lead information before they actually reach out.

6. Skin Care Chatbot Template

This is a simple website chatbot template that showcases different services and also schedules an appointment based on the services required. The bot also provides a skin regimen and helps the user with any kind of skin problem they are facing.

7. Quiz Bot Chatbot Template

Quiz bot serves a quick-fire round of questions to those interested in a little harmless fun dose of quiz questions. It ends with giving a quick score based on the correct answers.

8. Vote Contest Chatbot Template

This chatbot template is innovative indeed. ‘Vote contest’ here refers to fierce competition between cake houses and different bakeries. Vote contest bot helps to conduct a voting contest between different kinds of cake for the famous bakery ABC bakehouse. Every week a new voting contest is live and the winners of the voting contest get to win a coupon code for a free cake at ABC bakehouse.

9. Local Store Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for local businesses to display their products and services, generate leads and increase engagement with them with the ability to sell their products in a niche market online

10. Sex Education Chatbot Template

Sex education is taught in public schools on topics ranging from abstinence and reproduction to sexual orientation and sexually transmitted diseases. The bot helps educate yourself towards safe sex.

11. Go Karting Chatbot Template

An ideal chatbot template for booking go-karting services. The bot also shows some information about tracks and karts. Can also be used for lead generation

12. Halloween Invite Chatbot Template

Want to test your Halloween knowledge? Defeat the Bot in a Halloween Quiz to get invited to the most elite Halloween party in LA!

13. Coffee Shop Messenger Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that helps a cafe to engage with its customers and provide them with updates about the store's products and events.

14. Wedding Planner Chatbot Template

Speaking of  innovative chatbots, this one is perfect for wedding planners where they can receive bookings, display their portfolios, generate new leads and interact with them. Notifications are sent to the team whenever a new lead is generated which provides information like, Wedding date, email id, mobile number and more.

15.  Birthday Invitation Chatbot Template

A chatbot template to create birthday party invitations.

16. Trip Planner Bot

This is a chatbot that takes away the decision fatigue of your client since they no more need to scroll through websites. It provides destination options in carousels which helps visualize the location. It helps in planning a trip end to end. Transport details are dynamically provided.

17. Food Recipe Book Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for all foodies. Give your users a taste of the best food recipes to make their day. Show multiple recipe options and guide them to select the best meal of them all.

18. Yoga Class Chatbot Template

This chatbot template lets users book their yoga classes

19. Music Band Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for all the music and drama playgroups to increase their sales and help them reach a wider fan base.

20. Youtube Channel Chatbot Template

Deploy a chatbot using this template anywhere to use it as your new social media channel to share your youtube content.

21. Football Match Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for seat booking for multiple football matches, this portal can also be used for other categories such as sports, movies, concerts and much more.

22. Anime Chatbot Template

Anime Chatbot makes you see what other Anime lover sees. It tells you what is Anime about, what is manga, and the latest manga that you can read.

23. Bird Sanctuary Chatbot Template

A chatbot that gives information about a famous bird sanctuary on the facilities, history, bird species and also books a tour

24. Church Chatbot Template

Church chatbot which invites users to come and visit the church to feel closer to god, participate in events and also register themselves.

25. Music Instruments Chatbot Template

A chatbot template to get you to help in finding your favourite music instruments!

26. Celebrity Fan Club Chatbot

A chatbot template for celebrities which will help them reach out to their fans and keep them updated with their whereabouts and news.=

27. Cake Order Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for your sweet tooth! Customers can order cakes right from the chatbot Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, wedding or it's chocolate, strawberry or a customized cake!

28. Shopping Mall Chatbot Template

A chatbot assistant for mall visitors assisting on all happenings and whereabouts of the place

29. Hire Freelancer Chatbot Template

This is one of the more innovative chatbots. it allows the recruiter to easily filter out the most suitable freelancers for their requirements in a transparent way without any chance of exploitation of the freelancers.

30. Dog Walker Chatbot Template

Book professional dog walkers and pet walking services near you at reasonable prices.

31. Hire a Detective Chatbot Template

A chatbot template in which people can get detectives for their work, explore the services provided and also read reviews of clients.

32. Wedding Card Maker Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that lets you place your order for customized wedding cards. You can choose the material of your card, add a personal message and place order for all the cards at once after confirming the cost within the bot itself.

33. Printworks Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for making your essential presence exclusive and customized specially for you.

34. Therapist Assistant Chatbot Template

Are you a Therapist? Do you have a page around your practice? Then you might want to add one of these innovative chatbots to your page. With a little bit of customization, you can manage appointments, tips, etc through your chatbot.

35. Photographer's Assistant Chatbot Template

A simple yet powerful chatbot, to ease your photography career. Showcase your portfolio, facilitate bookings, and much more.

36. Pick and Drop Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for every move that you forget, and it gets you everything right at your place.

37. Roommate Finder Chatbot Template

It will ask the customer a series of questions to find a perfect roommate according to preference.

38. Grooming Training Chatbot Template

This chatbot helps its users in learning how to groom and take care of their beards by identifying the issues and giving tips and solutions.

39. Love Match Chatbot Template

Find out if you and your love interest or partner are soul mates using this chatbot.

40. About Me chatbot template

A chatbot template that lets users know about your work and get in touch with you.

41. Scam Safeguard Chatbot Template

This chatbot template collects information of the most frequently happening scam

42. Cosmetic Surgery Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for Plastic and Cosmetic surgery agencies which allows the user to receive online consultation and schedule appointments on the basis of their exact preferences/requirements.

43. Health & Weight Loss Coach Chatbot Template

A chatbot template to engage customers by helping them to stay fit. It provides healthy recipes and gives solutions to everyday

44. Complete Homes Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that helps you rent furniture essentials to result in a complete home.

45. Riddle Chatbot Template

What if you could engage your customers through games to keep them coming back to your website. Check out this riddle bot, it is fun too.

46. Dice and Coin Game Chatbot Template

This chatbot allows you to flip a coin or roll virtual dice. You can flip the coin for decision making or roll virtual dice for true random numbers.

47. Book your Adventure Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that will help you book your aquatic thrills easier.

48. Book a Yacht Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that will help you book your personal yacht within minutes.

49. Entertainment Factory Chatbot Template

A bot assisting you for everything at your favorite getaway location. Adding ease to your fun!

50. Harry Potter Chatbot Template

A chatbot for all Potterheads which helps more about knowing the book, the movies and the author herself. Immersing the users in a world of magic, this is truly one of the more innovative chatbots out there.

51. Matinee Chatbot Template

A chatbot template for the movie lovers to be updated about the latest releases and book movie tickets as well as explore the movies.

52. Pet Services Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that allows the user to subscribe to daily/weekly newsletters on the basis of their pet's description, avail pet services like - home vet, adoption, pet sitting, buy pet products like wet food and dry food.

53. Fashion Store Chatbot Template

A chatbot template to shop for clothes and shoes. The user can choose from a variety of options on the image carousel and can also be used for lead generation

54. Flower Shop Chatbot Template

A chatbot template which allows its user to browse and order flowers or vases via either store pickup or deliver.

55. Helmet Store Chatbot Template

A chatbot template to assist you to get the right headgear for your everyday travel safety.

56. Tattoo Shop Chatbot Template

Get a customized tattoo & all types of piercing from top tattoo artists using this chatbot.

57. Pizza Ordering Chatbot Template

A chatbot template that displays a list of pizzas and lets you order your pizza. It also allows you to customize your pizza

Wrapping up

Conversational AI is going to play a crucial role in any businesses’ marketing mix. This is the right time to invest in chatbots. Our bot marketplace is freshly stocked with a 200+ chatbot templates to choose from.

Register now to bring out the brilliance in your organization by deploying one of our innovative chatbots!

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