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Mic Drop 1: Release updates

Engati Team
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Mic Drop 1: Release updates
We are happy to bring you a Release Update - "The Mic Drop", to share the newest features and enhancements to the Engati chatbot platform. We prioritize upcoming features based on requests from the Engati community so keep an eye out for future Release Updates - "The Mic Drop", to make the best bot for your business.

Shiny New Features

  • Drag & Drop Nodes

Drag and drop any node to rearrange its position within the same path.

  • Calendar Date Picker

When you choose the “Request User Data” node and the “Date” validation, the user can pick a date from a calendar widget and the date will be saved in a variable for future use.

  • Full-Screen Bot

We have now enabled launching the website chatbot independently via a URL without a hosting site.

Same Stuff, New Package & Updates!

  • Auto-Fill in “Send Message with Options” node

You can enable auto-fill for the options listed in the “Send Message with Options” node. When you enable it, a dropdown with filtered matches will populate based on the text entered by the user and predefined options listed in the node. You can store the selected option as a data attribute and the admin can use it in later paths. Currently, Auto-fill is available only for website bots.

  • Date & Time Validation in “Request User Data” node

The data validation for Date & Time input has been enhanced, so the admin can set a Default Time Zone for all users or allow the user to input their own Time Zone.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to add cool and useful new features (PS: We just launched Live Chat feature). We appreciate your valuable feedback and suggestions as we improve Engati. It will only help us make your experience better and better. Reach out to our experts for the latest in the chatbot industry and innovations on the platform.

For more information, visit Engati.

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