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A no-code chatbot solution

Manpreet Kalsi
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A no-code chatbot solution

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Chatbots are a designed tool powered by the rules of artificial intelligence. They act as a stimulator of human conversation for the purpose of automating business processes. A no-code chatbot solution is a way where an individual can build a bot without knowing code. Chatbots popularity grows, the fierce competition among chatbot building platforms grows too.

So, what sets Engati apart?

Let’s read more about the platform.

What is Engati?

Engati is a robust chatbot building platform. You can build bots under 10 minutes with no coding or programming requirements and it is available on 14 different platforms. It comes with features like voice conversations, contextual interactions, intelligent paths, training, analytics, white-label and more.

What is a no-code platform?

No-code development platform allows programmers and non-programmers to create application software through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming. Hence, a no-code chatbot solution would mean that we use our one-code policy that lets you build chatbots without any coding. You can simply register on Engati and start creating your own bot.

Build a chatbot with incredible features!

Conversational Modeler

– Conversational modeler for easy drag-and-drop based chatbot implementation, testing and management solution. Use the various nodes to enrich customer conversation experience.

Contextual Conversations

– Engage customers better with the ability to maintain context in a conversation and provide meaningful responses.

Multi-platform Support

– Integrate your bots on major platforms like WhatsApp, Website, Messenger, Slack, LINE, Telegram, Android, iOS SDKs and more.

Human Takeover and Live Chat

– An agent can intervene and take over the conversation between the bot and your customer whenever there is a requirement. Also, flows and automated responses can be set up to trigger a live chat request from the chatbot user. Get various other capabilities like grouping agents and live chat queries, seamless chat transfer between agents/departments, stats around resolution and response times.

Bot Building and Customisations at only USD 24 Per Hour

– We provide our bot-building expertise to help you in realizing your objectives. Be it feature enhancements, bot-building, integrations/customizations, reach out to us with your requirements and we would be more than willing to assist you.

FAQ Builder

– Taking a lot of effort to train the chatbot? Don’t worry. Using our FAQ Builder and upload module, you can upload formatted CSV as well as other FAQ docs in .doc or .html file format.

Multilingual Support

– Engati supports 50+ international languages so that you can provide support to your customers in the language of their choice. Capabilities provided to manage languages, messages for various languages as well as NLP aspects to handle and provide the best response across the languages set up.


– Broadcast a message to selected customers in one go. Also, define targeted marketing campaigns segmenting your users.

Voice Bots

– Customers can go hands-free and talk to your bot when you enable the voice feature.

Bot Templates

– You don’t have to build a bot from scratch. Simply pick a template that is most relevant to your industry and get started.

Mobile SDK’s

– If you’re creating a mobile app and your business relies on your interactions with your customers, it would be handy to have chatbot services to handle all the queries related to your app.

WhatsApp Support

– WhatsApp is definitely the medium of choice when it comes to supporting your users or proactively notifying the user of various updates. We provide solutions to easily leverage the platform and provide a complete customer engagement experience.

Intent and Entity Recognition

– Intent and entity recognition carry out contextual conversations in a chatbot. It helps you determine the various important data points, actual user query for intent response accordingly.

E. Sense

– Engati has an in-house proprietary NLP engine which powers the automated responses for the chatbot. This includes various capabilities like synonyms, spell-checks, intent and entity determination, context and related matches.

Easy Chatbot training

– Train the bot seamlessly and in real-time by feeding it with information, responses, greetings, etc.

Easy Integrations Framework

– Integrate with third-party platforms easily via our various offerings like REST API Plugin (JSON data), native integrations for Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Calendar as well as Zapier.

Copy a Bot

– Engati offers the option to copy a bot and improvise as per your requirements.

White Label

– Partner with us and use our platform with your own brand to distribute among your customers.

Rich Analytics

–  The platform provides meaningful patterns in data and applying these patterns can help in effective decision-making.

Engati Integrations for your chatbot

Google Calendar Integration

Bypass the time-consuming back-and-forth with your clients for appointment bookings. Engati integrations with Google Calendar enables your customers and prospects to book slots straight into your calendar through your chatbot.

Google Sheets Integration

Enable Google Sheets Integration on your bot to store user-generated data in a Google sheet. It helps you focus on Lead Generation, Customer Service and Inquiry Collection.

SMS Integration

Send SMS node will enable bot builders to send instant notification on the mobile phone of the desired recipient. This functionality will also allow bot creators to send SMS to multiple numbers at once if their service provider allows them to.

Zapier Integration

Automate tasks and increase your team’s productivity within minutes. With Zapier, you can integrate 1,000+ applications to your bot to simplify customer journeys.

Social Media Integration

Integrate your chatbot across multiple social media channels to build a solid brand personality, generate leads, capture user data, engage customers and improve retention.

Wrapping up

Build robust and productive chatbots for faster business growth. With Engati, own a chatbot that perfectly and carefully fits your business needs to generate leads, automate tasks, make a great first impression on new users and earn a good reputation amongst the existing ones.

So what are you waiting for? Register with Engati to get started today!

Thanks for reading!

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