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Are chatbots the answer to all real estate's obstacles?

Engati Team
Aug 17
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chatbots for real estate

In the 21st century, chatbots have really evolved into every aspect of our life.

Everything from Skype, business websites, and Facebook uses chatbots. We talk to them, interact with them, and make them assist us.

All the way back in 2016, big tech players like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook launched their own chatbot platforms. Since then, chatbots have boomed - they've taken many shapes and sizes, in all different industries.

With these bots being deployed in all types of industries, real estate is really feeling the benefits, too. So, how can chatbots help us in real estate? Well, they've already completely revolutionized the way we buy, sell, and rent. They've also changed how we interact with clients/realtors.

Below, we explore all the possibilities that chatbots have given real estate companies.


When a potential client or user lands on your website, their questions can immediately be answered. feedback Chatbots can answer simple questions - primarily if you use a multiple- choice type of system. Some chatbots, used by companies like Ryanair, attempt to answer complex questions by finding keywords. If unsuccessful, they pass the custom onto a human.For real estate, this is particularly useful. Potential buyers do not have to wait for a response from a human to find answers.


On this same point, customers no longer have to wait for a real estate agent to be available. Real estate is really demanding - and when you're busy, on holiday, or away for the weekend, you don't want to risk losing a potential buyer. You no longer have to worry about time constraints like meetings, deadlines, shift timings, and anything else. Chatbots are available 24/7 - wherever you are in the world. This means that customer queries can be answered immediately, even in unsociable hours.

Time management

This brings us nicely onto our next point - time management. Having a real estate chatbot really does save you a lot of time, which is essential in the real estate industry. You and your sales team will no longer have to spend time replying to emails and messages. Don't worry, chatbots will save all the data.  What this does is keeps you informed and prepared. It will also help you to close a deal instead of spending time answering questions and finding out information.


As a realtor, you will always be incredibly busy. That's the beauty of the industry - it's fast-paced and never has a dull moment. Chatbots can make sure that you never forget a thing. One of these things can be following up on everything. Real estate Chatbots can easily be made to follow up on anything and everything that you need. Whether that's through email, text, or if they want to be called. A text or email can be sent to any prospect, automatically. This means that you can access all the data and information about a customer - way before making that first call or having the initial meeting. In case you do,  tools like noise remover can focus on other technical aspects to provide great experience.


Real estate Chatbots also help those interested in a property engage with us. You might be able to remember when realtors would hand out forms to people, to understand what type of product they were interested in. The majority of these forms ended up getting thrown away. They were slowly but surely replaced by online forms, which proved to be a significant improvement. Now, chatbots are taking over. Even online forms are not overly effective at keeping customers engaged. With chatbots, they can participate in real-time, almost like a conversation. This keeps them motivated to answer all questions. This gives you all the information you need while responding to any queries


Remember when you would have to document each customer with paperwork? Not only that, but you had to file and save each one? This seems unimaginable now.

Chatbots keep a record of all your conversations, allowing you to just refer to the logs that are stored on your system. With this, trends can always be identified between customers - allowing you to quickly recommend a relevant property. More importantly, businesses can also use it to hire staff, using an HR chatbot. This is obviously highly beneficial for a real estate company.

Virtual tours

Perhaps prospects are too busy to view a property themselves? This commonly happens when your schedules clash. In the past, this would have been a complete deal-breaker. Obviously, with more free time, this is much less likely to happen with the help from chatbots. However, it can still be an issue. When this happens, your chatbot can give prospects a quick virtual tour. This gives them a clear idea of what the property would look like before, ever scheduling a site visit.

“The great thing about chatbots is that they can also cut out unnecessary appointments. A great deal of time could be saved if prospects could have a better idea of what the property looks like.” — Tomas Kaczynski, tech writer at Top Writers Review.

Scheduling property viewings

When the prospects are sure that they want to view the property, it's time to schedule it in. In the past, this could quickly become a long-winded process. Now, with the help of real estate chatbots, it's a case of merely fitting each other into your calendars. This could also give you a chance to allow the bot to introduce the client to the agent. It's at this point that the agents or sales team can take over - and the primary process begins. You can already see how much time this could save, for both the real estate company and the property viewer.

Specific to each user

Not everybody is the same. Not everyone is looking for the same house, apartment, or room.

Chatbots in real estate can provide customers with precisely what they're looking for, without any kind of ambiguity. You can set up your chatbot to ask prospects user-specific questions. Again, these are much more interactive and appealing than traditional forms of contact. Ensuring that your customer's time isn't wasted, which ultimately improves the customer service that they receive. After all, customer service is incredibly important. This will help with securing sales and improve word-of-mouth marketing.

What questions can your bot ask a visitor?

You may be looking for ideas for how to set up your chatbot. Here are a few ideas:

  • Do you want to buy, sell, or rent a property?
  • What kind of property do you want to buy, sell, or rent?
  • What is your preferred price range?
  • What location is the property in?
  • What location are you looking to move to?
  • How soon do you want to buy, sell or rent this property?
  • How many bedrooms would you want?


We all know, lead generation is the most important but daunting task in real-estate. It's critical as it all boils down to how you appeal to the people who are interested in your property or service. It's daunting because you'll always face rejections, wasting your time, or not being successful - Engati can help minimise these obstacles drastically.

Real estate is a tricky industry, and lead generation is an ongoing task. As you can't just pack up a property and show them to people, it's a lot more complicated than that. Real estate Chatbots help to streamline the whole experience, making it more enjoyable on both ends.

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Thanks for reading!

Engati Team

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